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The birth of a child is a wonderful thing, and we at Women's Medical Center are honored to be able to provide care for women during this experience. The following information can be used as a reference for our existing obstetrical patients, and provides prospective patients with a glimpse of the services we offer during pregnancy and delivery.


During your pregnancy, you will be scheduled for two ultrasounds. These are routinely performed in our office by one of our ultrasonographers. The first scan is done between 8-10 weeks, and is a baseline scan to determine the number of babies and pinpoint a more accurate due date. It is not possible to determine the sex of the baby at this point in the pregnancy. The second scan is performed at approximately 20 weeks to assess the baby's growth and development. In most cases, the sex of the baby can be determined at this exam, if you wish to know.

Your ultrasound can be recorded, and a DVD+RW will be provided at your first appointment. It is your responsibility to bring this disc to your appointments. If a replacement DVD+RW is needed, there will be a $5.00 charge. Other types of DVDs are not compatible, so be sure to bring the correct one.

4-D Ultrasound

Women's Medical Center, P.C. offers, state of the art imaging for our patients. 4-D ultrasound utilizes the same sound wave principals of traditional ultrasound, but offers the potential for images of incredible detail and clarity. This procedure is not used for any diagnostic purposes.

Optimum results are best obtained between weeks 25-27 of your pregnancy. Appointment slots are limited and patients are encouraged to make the appointment early in the pregnancy to ensure availability. The quality of the ultrasound depends upon the position of the baby, the size of the mother, the baby's movement and fluid levels. Insurance does not cover the cost of this ultrasound, and payment is due on the day of service. No payment plan is set up for this service. As part of the service, you will receive a new DVD and a number of still images printed on thermal ultrasound paper.

Phone Assistance

During your pregnancy, you may find it necessary to call our office with questions or concerns that arise between regularly scheduled appointments. Women's Medical Center has a nurse who handles these calls. When you call with a problem the operator will take your name, phone number and a brief description of the problem/question. If you are in labor or experiencing another emergency, you will receive immediate assistance. All other calls will be returned by the nurse. It is always helpful if you call at a time when you will be near the phone for at least an hour.

We ask that after-hours phone calls be limited to emergencies only. If you do need assistance after hours, please call (334) 793-3900. Our nurses will be happy to assist you and direct your call to the doctor on duty if necessary.

Medication Use during Pregnancy

There are many medications which are believed to be "safe" for pregnant women; however, we prefer that patients take only those medications which are absolutely necessary, especially during the first 3 months of pregnancy. The safety of drugs is assumed based upon their usage over time, but no drug is without risks. This medication guide lists common problems and over-the-counter medications which may help. Do not exceed the recommended dose unless prescribed by your doctor.

Dietary Recommendations

Never is your diet more important than during the months of pregnancy. Receiving balanced and adequate nutrition is important for both you and your baby. Pregnancy is not the time to attempt to lose weight. However, sensible eating can help you receive the necessary nutrients without gaining excess weight. Your growing baby must receive adequate amounts of protein, calcium, vitamins and nutrients to develop healthy bones, muscles and organs. Following our nutrition guide can help you choose healthy foods and give your baby a wonderful start.

Prenatal Exercise

There are a variety of benefits associated with moderate exercise during pregnancy. These include stress relief, weight control, maintaining flexibility and conditioning muscles. What's more, fit women tend to go through labor with greater ease and recover more quickly. However, there are some precautions which should be taken and certain activities to avoid. Follow this prenatal exercise guide to stay fit and safe during pregnancy.

Premature Labor: Risks and Signs

Babies born more than three weeks before their expected due date are considered premature, and are at greater risk for problems with breathing, eating and keeping warm. Unfortunately, no one can tell who will have premature labor—it can happen to any pregnant woman. The good news is that premature labor can often be stopped if detected early. Knowing these signs and symptoms of premature labor can help you know when you're at risk, and when to call your doctor. Remember, the earlier you seek medical help for premature labor, the better the chances of stopping it and helping your pregnancy to continue until your baby is more mature. If you suspect that you are in premature labor, call our office immediately at (334) 793-3900.

Southeast Alabama Medical Center

Our physicians are proud to serve on the staff of Southeast Alabama Medical Center and to use this facility for our obstetrical services. The Family Birth Center at SAMC provides modern, luxurious birthing suites which allow for a pleasant labor and delivery experience.

SAMC also provides a wide variety of childbirth education classes to help prepare you for labor and delivery and caring for your newborn. We recommend that patients register early, as class sizes are limited, and plan to complete classes one month before your due date. Information about classes offered, schedules and fees is available through the SAMC Family Birth Center Education Department.

We encourage our patients to verify participation status with the hospital through their insurance carrier or employer. Checking on this coverage before admittance for delivery or other procedures can prevent unnecessary out-of-pocket hospital expenses. While responsibility for verifying coverage lies with the patient, our office is happy to assist you in this process if you desire.

Medicaid Patients

Patients covered by Medicaid should be aware that this is a government program, not an insurance provider. There may be services required by your doctor which are not covered by Medicaid. Payment is based upon the guidelines and limitations established by the Medicaid agency, and it is not the responsibility of Women's Medical Center to interpret these guidelines. You must register with the Maternity Care Program and the Alabama Medicaid office in order to be eligible for benefits. Any services not covered by the Alabama Medicaid program will be the responsibility of the patient.

To find out more, contact the Alabama Medicaid Agency directly: http://medicaid.alabama.gov/

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