Whether you had a vaginal or C-section delivery, having a baby is hard work and the time postpartum time is one in which your body needs some extra love and care. Here are six ways your gynecologist at Women's Medical Center in Dothan recommends you care for yourself during the postpartum period.Postpartum Care

1. Prepare for Postpartum Bleeding

Whether your periods were usually light or intense before baby, you can expect some heavy bleeding after baby arrives. Stock up on pads before delivery so you don't have to run to the store later. Some women swear by adult underwear to keep the bleeding contained.

2. Keep a Squirt Bottle By the Toilet

Urinating can be very painful right after birth, especially if you had any stitches or tearing. Keep a squirt bottle near the toilet so you can squeeze or pour warm water over the area while urinating. It will dilute the urine and help immensely until the process becomes comfortable again.

3. Rest as Much as Possible

While your infant likely won't be on any sort of predictable schedule at first, the good news is that infants tend to sleep a lot. Take advantage of this by napping, or at least resting, as often as you can.

4. Take Pain Medications as Needed

It is normal to feel pain for a while after baby is out. Thankfully, the pain can usually be managed fairly easily with medication. If an over-the-counter medication isn't helping, speak with your gynecologist at Women's Medical Center in Dothan to see if a prescription painkiller might be in order.

5. Speak with your Dothan Gynecologist About Your Birth Control Options

Your fertility will return before your first period does, and you never really know for sure when that will be. If you aren't planning to have more children in the near future, speak to your gynecologist about your birth control options before you think you will need them.

6. Schedule Your Six-Week Appointment

Hopefully after six weeks of rest and self-care, you will be feeling much better. You will still want to visit Women's Medical Center in Dothan to make sure, however. There, your gynecologist will give you a physical exam to make sure you are healing properly and discuss any questions or concerns you may have.

The postpartum period can and should be a wonderful time of healing and bonding with your baby. Use these six tips to make sure that it is!