What Is an Infertility Evaluation?

An infertility evaluation is an examination performed by a doctor to determine the reason why a couple has had no success conceiving a child. These evaluations are quite varied and they may be performed on both men and women.

What Does an Infertility Evaluation Involve for Women?

During an infertility evaluation, a woman will be asked questions about their medical history as well as the condition of their reproductive system. Patients are encouraged to be detailed with their answers.

Aside from the interview, doctors may also ask their patients to undergo examinations. These examinations are designed to determine the health of the woman’s reproductive system. The fallopian tube and the ovaries receive additional attention during these examinations.

What Does an Infertility Evaluation Involve for Men?

Infertility evaluations for men also involve a thorough examination of their medical history. Beyond that, examinations will also be conducted on the male reproductive system. Sperm quality will also be evaluated.

When Should You Consider Getting an Infertility Evaluation?

Both members of a couple should consider getting infertility evaluations if they are both over the age of 35 and have been unable to conceive for several months. After one year of failing to conceive, both the man and woman should go in for infertility evaluations regardless of their age. Undergoing an infertility evaluation is also recommended for anyone who was previously diagnosed with a fertility issue.

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Why Is a Urine Test Necessary during Infertility Evaluations?

Women may sometimes be asked to take part in a urine test during an infertility evaluation. The urine test helps doctors check if a woman is ovulating.

What Is the Most Effective Test for Infertility?

No one type of exam that provides the best results for infertility examinations. Instead, doctors will use different tests to gauge a person’s fertility so they can provide the most accurate picture possible.

Will an Infertility Evaluation always Determine the Cause of Infertility?

Unfortunately, there are cases wherein the patient’s cause of infertility cannot be determined even after several examinations are performed. These are rare cases, but they are treatable.

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