The medical definition of infertility is used when couples have been attempting to conceive for a period of 12 months without using any birth control. There are many reasons for infertility, so couples who are concerned should find a full-service medical practice to help guide them through a fertility evaluation and any infertility treatments. Women's Medical Center provides treatment for infertility in Dothan, AL, as well as additional women's health services, from gynecological exams to birth control consultations.

How is Fertility Evaluated?

The most important way to determine if there are any fertility issues is to evaluate both partners. There are reasons why both men and women may have problems with infertility. For men, there are health issues that may affect their sperm, which could cause reduced fertility. The evaluation for men will involve determining if their sperm have a sufficiently high count and motility, as well as the right shape to make egg fertilization more likely. 

For women, the evaluation process may be lengthier and involve more testing. A woman's ovulation cycle will need to be examined, as well as physiological problems with a woman's reproductive organs. Working with the medical professionals at the Women's Medical Center gives you expert treatment for infertility in Dothan, AL. 

Infertility Treatments

Sometimes, a medicine that a woman is taking can affect her fertility. By working with her physician, she can determine if other medications that have less effect on fertility will work instead. There are also hormonal therapies that can help some women conceive. Depending on the diagnosed cause of infertility, surgical intervention may be needed to correct conditions that can occur in both men and women.

Couples who are working through fertility issues may find additional stress as they seek to figure out why they haven't been able to conceive. Working with medical professionals can provide important information to help couples in a caring, compassionate way. The Women's Medical Center understands how to diagnose and treat infertility in Dothan, AL, and gives you the answers you need. Contact us at (334) 793-3900 to schedule an appointment for women's health or a fertility evaluation. We are here to help you find answers.