Obstetrics involves prenatal, childbirth, and postnatal care. Women who are contemplating having a child require obstetric care, but it's also important to receive ongoing medical care during and after pregnancy. If you need obstetrics care in Dothan, schedule an appointment with one of our caring physicians at Women's Medical Center. We provide you with quality healthcare you need as you plan and expand your family.

Before You Conceive

Visit an obstetrician before you get pregnant. They can help you manage your health as you prepare for conception. This initial care may include discussions about necessary lifestyle changes that can help ensure a healthy pregnancy. For example, they will tell you to stop smoking if you are a current smoker. The doctor may talk to you about supplements like folic acid that should be taken before conception.

During Pregnancy

When you are pregnant, you will need regular obstetrician visits to ensure you and your unborn child are staying healthy. If you have a high-risk pregnancy, you will need additional doctor's appointments to ensure no complications arise. Obstetricians will test you for gestational diabetes and other medical issues. They will monitor your weight and blood pressure. As always, the goal is to ensure the health of you and your unborn baby.

Postpartum Care

After you give birth to your baby, your obstetrician provides you with postpartum care. This will involve an assessment of your physical, social, and psychological health following the birth of your newborn. You may receive advice about breastfeeding, infant care, family planning, and parent fatigue. Your doctor will get you in touch with community resources that can assist you with issues relating to parenting and childcare.

Schedule Your Appointment

If you seek obstetrics care in Dothan, visit us at Women's Medical Center. Our caring physicians are here to help you through each stage of the pregnancy journey. Please contact us at 334-793-3900 to schedule your appointment.