From pills to IUDs to condoms, you have a multitude of options when it comes to contraception, allowing you to find one that fits your lifestyle. Of course, if you are having a difficult time selecting a birth control method, you can come in for a consultation here at the Women’s Medical Center in Dothan, AL, so one of our gynecologists can help you out.

Barrier Methods for Birth Control

Basically, these act as barriers to prevent sperm from coming in contact with an egg. These don’t require a prescription and are available in your local pharmacy. Condoms for males are very cheap, dependable, and are effective against STDs or sexually transmitted diseases. Condoms for females are thin, plastic, flexible tubes that are inserted into the vagina to create a barrier for sperm. They likewise help keep STDs away. Take note though that these barrier methods are the only contraception devices that prevent pregnancy and safeguard against STDs.

You can also opt for a sponge, which is a tiny piece of foam that’s placed inside the vagina and treated with spermicide. Some barrier methods such as a diaphragm, cervical shield, and cervical cap are only available via prescription.

Hormonal Birth Control Options

These include prescription BCPs (birth control pills), implants, stick-ons, shots, and vaginal rings. Essentially, these methods utilize hormones, like the ones produced by the body, to prevent the egg’s release and fertilization.

Intrauterine Devices or IUDs

These are tiny, plastic devices that are inserted into the uterus by a doctor. They protect against pregnancy for several years. Some use hormones, while some use copper for killing sperm. Ask your gynecologist in Dothan, AL, for the best IUD type for you.

Permanent Methods for Birth Control

If you’re absolutely certain that you don’t want to ever get pregnant in the future, you can opt for permanent birth control. Tubal ligation, which entails closing off the fallopian tubes to prevent eggs from reaching your ovaries, is for women. Vasectomy, in which a permanent obstruction in the tube that enables sperm to reach the semen is introduced, is the permanent contraception method for men.

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